Commitment to safety and security

In the night with a full moon guesthouse, as well as contribute to the sustainable development and the preservation of the global environment, we are working on the satellite create an environment where you can enjoy a meal customers with peace of mind.

In Japan, there is a superior environmental technology world-class. Including the energy sector such as solar power generation, the art to Japan, such as seawater desalination technology in the water resources sector is the world's leading and more. From among such Japanese environmental technology, heat shielding outer wall and using the glass film obtained the effect of power saving in the night with a full moon State Guest House, has adopted a micro-bubble ozone water with sterilization and decomposition effect.


Glass film which is effective in power-saving and energy-saving

The outer wall of the night with a full moon guesthouse is in addition to the thermal barrier paint, it has been made the glass film on the wall. Glass film is cut of ultraviolet light has the effect of preventing scattering. In addition, it has led to the power-saving measures and energy-saving measures by the heat ray shielding effect, combined with the effect of shielding paint, room temperature decrease of 25 ℃ in total has been achieved.

>A glass film


Sterilize the water, decompose the organic matter microbubble ozone water

The ozone water deodorizing, sterilization, there is a bleaching effect and the like, have been widely used as a food poisoning measures in food and beverage stores. As compared with this conventional Miri bubble ozone, technology crowded dissolved the low solubility of ozone by a following of ultra-fine bubble diameter 50μm to efficiently water is micro-bubble ozone. The Jugoya guesthouse uses microbubbles ozone water using this technology. In addition to the sterilizing effect of the normal ozone water, such as the decomposition effect of organic matter and dioxin in taking advantage of the micro-bubble ozone water-specific effect, to achieve safe and secure health environment.

> Micro-bubble ozone water

Water purifier MUDENKAI

Electrolysis of tap water into clean water and alkaline water.
Water purifier MUDENKAI

The water is clean and the water pipe which is the way of the water is not necessarily clean.
It is the MUDENKAI water purifier that can solve the anxiety.
It becomes safe drinking water by electrolyzing dirt adhering in the water pipe with a water purifier.

> Water purifier MUDENKAI



A glass film

A glass film, by the film sheet put on the glass, UV and anti-scattering effect, such as for decoration, it has a variety of functions. Although in the case of blocking the sun, such as curtains or shades is tends to be dark room, if you use a glass film, while incorporating the light of the sun, it is possible to cut off the ultraviolet light and yet a common cause of fading you.

Various effects glass film brings

By cutting more than 99 percent of the ultraviolet light, furniture and flooring, to reduce the discoloration caused by sunburn, such as exhibition goods.
Heat ray shielding
Lowering the room temperature by shielding the infrared rays from the sun, saving power and energy conservation.
CO2 reduction
Reduction of air conditioning energy becomes the reduction of CO2 emissions, it will lead to environmental contribution.
Insect repellents
It reduces the insects flying towards the ultraviolet rays by the UV-cut effect. It is very effective in stores open at night.
Even cracked glass will be the disaster countermeasures to such difficult earthquake scattering debris.

Micro-bubble ozone water

Ozone water and is

The ozone, usually is a substance composed of three oxygen atoms present as a gas. Two oxygen molecules atom is a stable state, but ozone is a very unstable substance. Nascent oxygen that occurs when ozone was decomposed, there is excellent oxidizing power, deodorizing in addition to sterilization, is used, such as bleaching, it has been active in various fields. In Japan, it has been widely used in medical and food.
In accordance sterilization method is ozone, there are two methods of using ozone water and ozone gas. A comparison of each method, those who use the ozone water is safe low ozone concentration. It allows for a shorter time in the sterilization process. Therefore, technology is required to Komu dissolved ozone of sparingly soluble gas to water efficiently water.


Macro bubble Works

The micro-bubble, generally to the diameter of the bubble is 10μm ~ number of 10μm or less (micrometer: 10μm is 0.01mm) is fine bubbles. Microbubbles for becomes smaller in the water to not float on the surface, a gas such as oxygen will dissolve into the water. In addition, the micro-bubble is because the surface is negatively charged, attracts the dirt and grime that is tinged with a positive potential to the surface. Microbubbles attract dirt and grime will not disappear, it will lift along with the dirt and grime on the surface of the water.


Features of the micro-bubble ozone water

It has strong oxidizing power, effective ozone sterilization and the like is increased further oxidizing power by dissolving in water. However, it was difficult to efficiently dissolve in water. Further, in general, the half-life to return to the oxygen of the ozone water has become as short as 20 minutes, ozone is dissolved in the continuous high density and high efficiency in water, technical method to prolong the half-life determined It had been.
The micro-bubble ozone, by combining it with high dissolution ability of micro-bubble ozone with strong sterilizing power, is a technology that Komu dissolved in water ozone gas efficiently continuously. Micro-bubble ozone water, ozone is completely almost without leaving in the air to dissolve in the water, will be efficiently and effectively generated ozone water.
When you mix the stain solution to the micro-bubble ozone water, color, as described below for the organic matter decomposition will change after 25 minutes.



Effect of micro-bubble ozone water

  • Water supply, sterilization of well water
  • Safe and secure food offer
  • Prevention of infectious diseases
  • Promotion of health and beauty

Deodorizing and sterilizing-bleaching, which is a feature of the ozone is of course, the decomposition of organic matter is also possible in the micro-bubble ozone water. We use a micro-bubble ozone water at night with a full moon, you can drink the tap water directly.

Extermination of harmful insects


Store health systems of developed countries.

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The flying pests and contamination measures, hygiene insect trap to go one step ahead.

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